who we are



Linea Textile is a leading global textile solutions company. We upscale our efforts in ReThinking & ReDesigning circular economy. Our recycle-sustainable market intelligence coupled with a sophisticated design process allows us to work with both high level brands and corporate retailers globally. This has allowed us to position ourselves as a forerunner in the global recycle apparel industry. Positioned in close proximity to its global customer portfolio, the Linea Development team network operates in collaboration with its customers to develop concepts in line with Brand requirements.


The passion to innovate at Linea is steered by our promise to always be a 'value addition' partner to our customers by rethinking apparel and its components. We provide sustainable fabrics for the world’s growing demand. Our innovative solutions have a positive impact on our environment and safeguard our business success. We envision a world where recycled products have become the norm. Where being sustainable creates an innovation loop that goes on forever.


Our challenge is to look through the 3 lenses of “what’s needed, what’s required and what’s possible” to identify and develop products that create a unique demand in the global  sustainable market through a irreplaceable combination of science, technology and persistence.

At Linea we believe innovation is a science and this allows us to go beyond the requirements of today. Through the integrated business model, Linea innovates new and exciting solutions for the apparel, fashion and lifestyle segments.


  • Constant innovative input

  • Technology remains a key feature of our developments

  • A-Z sustainable certified over GRS - Gots 

  • Short time frame to market

  • Partnerships with global, premium recycle, sustainable fiber, yarn suppliers & sustainable organizations.

  • Traceable, transparant and certified

  • Combining uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability

  • Forward thinking, sustainable focus and advanced technology

  • Developing sustainable solutions that respect our planet’s limited resources

  • Our innovative solutions help to reduce supply chain risks and improve the ecological footprint of our partners’ products.