tracebility and transparancy


Traceability and transparency of the products we sell are essential for building trust and credibility with all of our partners. We are 100% transparent. Our core business is GRS certified knitted recycled fabrics-garments. We have one of the most corporate recycle-regenerated-reuse setup's in Europe. We support high level premium soft touch apparel recycled-regenerated fabrics. We can tune the composition, fabric weight, brushing, silicone softness, carbon peaching etc to your needs. We offer both recycle & organic cotton blends, PET polyester with soft cotton touch, gym directed polyamide + polyester fabrics, Organic viscose polyamide, Tencel & modal. All pointed for recycle sustainability projects. We treat our associates, our communities and our planet with dignity and respect. Our goal is the elimination rather than reduction of all wastes and emissions. We are committed to treating our suppliers, customers, communities and environments with the highest level of integrity and respect.